Newport girl on the balcony is a modern-day love story written in the style of the Great Gatsby. This intriguing romance takes place in modern-day historic Newport Rhode Island.  The great mansions of Newport, the famous cliff walks, and the romantic setting of Newport's historic inns and cobblestone streets set the perfect background for this modern-day romance.


Love, mystery, and intrigue await first-year law student Alan J. Roberts as he enters the doors of the famous and mysterious historic Branders inn of Newport.   Falling in love with a mysterious and beautiful girl at a masquerade party, and gaining wealth and power will set him on a life-changing course...

"New Novels Romance Drama Love Stories" Newport Girl On The Balcony Is A Modern Day  Great Gatsby Love Story That Takes Place in Newport's Land Of The Rich And Famous.. Historic inns, and cobblestone streets lined with dimly lit gas street lights set the perfect background for this modern-day romance story... 


Five Stars

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Love, mystery, and intrigue follow first-year law student Alan J. Roberts who enters Newport's world of the rich and famous finding the girl of his dreams and an unexpected path into a world of wealth and power. 

a.j. Lombardi